Sensos™ Platform

Automate your supply chain processes and get actionable insights to inform today's decisions and tomorrow's plans.

Sensos Label

Revolutionize your supply chain efficiency with real-time updates on your packages’ ‌location,‌ ‌condition,‌ ‌and‌ ‌usage. Sensos's game-changing Label is the first zero-touch, disposable, cellular label that completely tracks your inventory from raw materials to the end customer. Using a non-lithium battery, the Sensos Label is flight approved and offers a eco-friendly solution to today’s supply chain challenges.

Leonardo De-Vinci

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”


The Sensos Label will immediately begin streaming real-time data as well as sending important alerts.


Cut the corner of the label to activate it and then simply stick on any package.


Leverage the actionable insights throughout your supply chain lifecycle, to improve operational efficiency.

Solving The Challenges

Manual vendor managed inventory

Shipment & condition monitoring

Inefficient production planning

Customer Stories

We had the need to track the shipment of the packages to reduce losses and identify potential delays at customs/harbors. With the risk of losing unique, irretrievable samples the Sensos label is able close the visibility gaps in the shipment and reduce losses by providing real-time tracking information. Apart from shipment monitoring, the Sensos label can also assist large enterprises like ours dealing with finished goods that are seeking to solve one of the top use cases: real-time inventory tracking across the entire supply chain that can assist with production planningIn addition, the Sensos label is easy to use, as it does not require any additional infrastructure, manual scanning, or other expensive tools.

Christof Backhaus

Digital Lead at Bayer

For years we have been looking for a simple solution that requires zero training, resources, and aligns with the business need and process. For Unilog, Sensos is a new area of managing and controlling information remotely. Sensos is revolutionizing the supply chain. Just as the mobile phone gave us the ability to stay in touch wherever and whenever we wanted, Sensos now does that for our goods enabling each package to “call” home and let us know where it is or how it is doing! As well as being green and reliable Sensos elevates Unilog’s Logivice, our digital Supply Chain platform, by boosting its performance, SLA, and insights. With Sensos we can provide global supply chain solutions with real-time actual data, deliver on our promises and strengthen the bond with our customers.

Osi Tagger

CEO, Unilog

Save money while reducing your environmental impact

Receive up to $2 carbon credit per label while reducing your GHG footprint by up to 77% (compared to other trackers).

Powered by a safe, environmentally friendly, and disposable battery, the Sensos Label? is? a sustainable? ?solution? ?for? ?you? ?and? ?the? ?planet.


Sensos Environmental Score BEST IN CLASS

  • 1 - Worst
  • Per Unit Impact
  • 10 - Best

Source: Boundless Impact Research & Analytics, 2022


The Sensos label battery lasts up until 12 months. Please note label battery life can be affected by external factors like high and low temperature / humidity as well as label profile settings. Recommended storage temperature: -20°C to 40ºC, operating temperatures: -20°C to 60°C, humidity: 0 to 95%. For optimal storage time, it is recommended to store the labels below room temperature.

Size: 138x215x3.4mm. Seal extension: 61x32x0.5mm. Weight: 77 grams

Currently, we cover the EU, North American continent, some LATAM, and some APAC counties. We continue to expand coverage across the globe. Please contact us for more information regarding the coverage in your region.

No. The Smart Label uses the worldwide 5G LTE\CAT-M and NB-IoT networks.

The Sensos label is environmentally friendly, with a best-in-class environmental impact score of 8.7/10, as determined by the full Lifecycle Analysis Study.

We use non-hazardous primary Zinc Manganese (Zn-MnO2) printed battery. No lithium or other problematic materials are used in the labels. It is fully disposable and does not require cumbersome and expensive reverse logistics. The label adheres to the following sustainability standards: Rohs, REACH, Disposable (WEEE Directive 2012/19/EU Battery Directive IEC 62133). Please contact us for information about Sensos’ life cycle analysis study.

Yes, the label has the following certifications: FCC, RED, GCF, PTCRB, ATEZ Zone 2,22.

Connectivity and reporting profiles can be configurable. Please contact our support team at [email protected] to discuss your specific case. Currently reporting can be set between 15 mins to 32-day intervals.

The label is safe for flight and in approval process by all major airlines. The Sensos label uses an accelerometer and barometer to identify takeoff. Once the flight has been detected, the label switches into flight mode (like a mobile phone flight mode). Once the plane lands the label will automatically revert to active mode.

Yes. The printed battery is safe (non-lithium) and the label is not considered dangerous goods under IATA/FAA and does not require any regulation. The flight mode (when activated) will prevent the label from sending out reports while in flight which makes it approved for airfreight.

In process: Cargolux Airlines, Lufthansa, UPS, DHL express, FedEx Express, China Southern Airlines, Silkway West, American Airlines, AF/KL/DL/MP, Cathay Pacific Airways, Eva Airways, China Airlines, ANA, El-Al. For an updated list of approved airlines please contact Sensos support team at mailto:[email protected]

Since it is a disposable device, it essentially becomes part of the package. Therefore, it does not need to be declared. Specifically for airline companies there is no need to declare, this is one of the main advantages of the label.

In case of malfunction during activation, please replace the label with a different one and send us information about the issue together with the serial number to [email protected] . Our team will check the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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